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About Marquise 51

An active participant in the creation of culture in the South of Brazil for the past 8 years. Today interconnects #music with #visualarts #communication and #culinaryarts.

We are artists, progressive (or active) entrepreneurs who work with knowledge, innovation and culture as a business. We use culture as a collective, powerful force for transformation and development. Creativity is our revolution 2.0 and it is flourishing and creating connections. (global connections?)

Marquise 51

Marquise 51 is a cultural production company, music studio and label based in Porto Alegre, the capital of the state of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. M15 also acts as an incubator for other creative endeavors, consolidating its position as the facilitator of a creative #Hub that connects #CreativeMinds in a #Network 2.0.


“Puro Movimento”

Project Management of social and cultural causes, teaching courses? (captaçao de cursos?), executive production and project development.

“O Bestiário”

The workshop is a collective space where independent visual artists produce their work. Created in 2013 by graduates of the UFRGS Art Institute. What began as a work studio today operates with pottery workshops and (“papietagem”?), engraving space, sales, shows and courses.

Cozinheiro Amador

Web series program that features simple food made by cool people. Each episode presents a unique personality in the intimate setting of their own home kitchen. In partnership with RBS Group videos which circulates on digital platforms: Radio Atlantis and Octo_oc TV channel.

Guia de Sobrevivência Gastronômica de Porto Alegre

Web series program which visits every kind of culinary establishment to show the best cost-efficient places of the local cuisine. Like a Reality TV show, this program has no script and anything that could happen, does.


A “guerrilla” production company. We believe that with a small team, but one which has  blood, sweat and tears is all that you need to deliver a real video. We are a production company focused on the story that you want to tell.


Company that specializes in booking shows and events.

Worldhaus Music

Boutique independent music label with 33 years in the roots Americana genre that is based in Austin, Texas (USA), Porto Alegre, Brazil (BR) and Berlin, Germany (DE).



The Marquise 51 music label specializes in pop and rock genres which has released several iconic albums for artists such as Jupiter Apple, Os Replicantes, Tenente Cascavel, Identidade and Cartolas in the national Brazilian market.


Breaking boundaries and circulating music is a lifestyle for the M51 Hub, which books its artists nationwide in Brazil and has strong partnerships in Latin America and Europe. Cultural exchanges between artists is a major focus of the company which has conducted several international tours.


Morrostock (don’t think you need to say larger)

Música Ao Pôr do Sol

São Léo Efervescente

Latinoamérica 360


Creative communication solutions for cultural programs, artists and businesses. The M15 Hub works with production of content in multiple platforms and capacities.



A strategic area of operation in the creative hub of Marquise 51 is the production of cultural events, either of its own projects or with the development of custom projects for Brazilian cultural “incentive” laws, grants and fundraising.


Marquise 51 Records has studio rooms for rehearsals and professional recordings with renowned producers. With ample space, acoustically treated areas, the company provides an environment for creation, pre-production, high-quality audio for the completion of audio materials.

Come on and get to know us!

Marquise 51 (55 51) 3013.7914




The classic rock and roll band with furious riffs and incendiary concerts. | Website: www.identidadeoficial.com.br

guff_engMadame Bogardan

A great example of the pop rock made in brazil. Lots of swing and pretty melodies. | Website: https://www.facebook.com/guff.rock

Lítera-por-Gabriel-Not- corta


Melancholic songs and poetic lyrics influenced by antique love letters. | Website: www.litera.mus.br


Mari Martinez & The Soulmates

A exemple of tropical soulmusic with current lyrics and a bold groove. | Website: www.marimartinezthesoulmates.tnb.art.br

repli_egOs replicantes

That is punk rock in its essence. | Website: www.osreplicantes.com.br



Indie rock in its best shape. | Website: www.cartolas.com.br